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Your Marketing Crystal Ball


How can I be sure my marketing campaign will be successful before I even launch it?

  • “Test and learn” strategies are no longer good enough.
  • You can see if your campaign will work before you even launch it
  • The three critical marketing metrics you must know
  • Do you know how much each prospect is worth to you?
  • Are you overpaying for your ads?

Spend Wisely


How do I allocate my advertising budget across different options?

  • “Half my advertising money is wasted…”
  • Response rates are important, but they are not the end.
  • The key is “expected revenue”.
  • Cost of sales and cost per person.
  • Using that information to allocate your budget…

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Harness the chaos 

Ask yourself what the nature of the 21st century marketplace is like? We use one word to describe it: chaotic. We are dealing with an extremely complex marketplace – businesses in the B2C world are contending with multiple generations with different shopping habits, and without geographic restraints.  You have baby-boomers, GenX, GenY, Millenials-each with their own nuances and buying behaviors. Similarly in the B2B world, your customers know what you have to offer even before your initiate contact with them.

Do you fight the chaos or do you harness it to your advantage?

Understanding your prospects has never been more critical and that’s exactly what we help you do. We help you guide your prospects in a systematic way so that you help them solve their problems with your products and services. In addition, you can also measure the value of your prospects, build your marketing campaign accordingly, and measure the success of your strategic marketing efforts.

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Prism is a powerful prospect engagement tool.  The fusion of complex processes into a streamlined methodology makes Prism radically different.

Those who learn and use the Prism methodology:

  • Connect better with prospects
  • Captivate prospects with solutions aligned to their problems
  • Provide far better customer service
  • Obtain better business results

Surpass revenue targets seamlessly


Despite the complexity of the challenges in marketing, Prism is designed to wrap the complexity in a tool that is remarkably simple.  Prism was designed with the small business person or even sole proprietor in mind.  No one wants to deal with overly complex or cumbersome tools with a mind-numbing array of data. We’ve created a way for you to know exactly what to do in capturing your prospects during various stages of business development – no more guessing, or a trial and error approach. With Prism, you can target, design, execute, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with the utmost ease.



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